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ZED is profoundly enthusiastic about fundamental physics and its application in technology. Overwhelmed with the colossal technical knowledge, ZED now wants to check if you too are a physics aficionado. ‘Quiztopher’ is thus ZED's way to tickle the physics maniac inside you by taxing you with an electrifying quiz. Your grip on fundamental concepts in physics would be a weapon to overcome the challenges in this exhilarating battle of physics geeks. So it's about time that you register for Quiztopher to win massive prizes.


ZED has decided to take a break from the laborious task of engineering and is going to try his hands in the Designing biz. But, despite of his pumped-up enthusiasm, he is facing some tough time using the new design software. Do you think that you have the perfect skills in CAD that will blow ZED’s mind away? Participate in the exhilarating event ‘CADastrophe’ to show off your designing skills and help ZED find his perfect partner in the creative world of CAD designing.


Lines from popular advertisements often stick in ZED's mind. He ponders a lot about what it actually takes to make an ad catchy. To truly understand this, he is organising the AD-MAD SHOW, inviting students to showcase their creativity and ingenuity in marketing products through captivating advertisements. Don't miss it, "It's the real thing".

Digital Camera Photography Contest

ZED is tired of clicking selfies. Always making the same face, monotonous filters and tasteless editing doesn’t interest him anymore. At the same time, he loves photography. Freezing the moment at his fingertips excites him. So like any typical engineering student in India, ZED’s go-to was a digital camera.


ZED being an expert in the engineering field, Mathematics lies deep in his core. Due to his colossal love for Mathematics, ZED has decided to test your logical as well as quantitative thinking, this time by throwing ‘Mathematica’ as a challenge, as ZED believes, ”Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas”. In this challenge, ZED will judge you in every criteria he has decided, with various rounds to scrutinize the real mathematician who deserves to be rewarded. If you have the veridical mathematician hidden inside you, accept the challenge and 'Let’s Think Math'.


ZED has just found out his passion and surprisingly, it’s photography rather than engineering ,now he wants to commemorate MNIT, the institute he’s admired the most through this new-found passion. But it’s not a one-man-task to catch the perfect glimpse of this gigantic institution which has so much to offer.So, he has decided to pick someone who has the same amount of zeal as that in him. So, guys ZED is inviting you to participate in ‘Picathon’ and help him uplift the MNIT=MyNIT spirit to a whole new level.


ZED has always been fond of short films which speak a whole lot in very short time. He’s decided to pay homage to the institute he’s admired the most, MNIT by making a short film depicting the various facets of the institute. But he's gonna need some equally talented individuals to help him carry out this prestigious job. Participate in ‘Lensational’ to show your skills in film-making and grab this very opportunity to collaborate with the extremely proficient and accomplished ZED.


One may take part in this event trusting their instincts or their knowledge of basic concepts of Economics. This enthralling event of Economization will take part in two rounds.

Social Challenge

The game is designed to create mass awareness among the students and staff around the campus. Social challenge as the name suggests will include teams to indulge themselves into the topic allotted to them and spread the word into the maximum possible heads around the campus.


ZED is bewildered by certain topics . He is left puzzled after going through the pros and cons of various issues, and wants to figure out which decision would be optimal. Hence he has organised "Duel the Deal" where team members are assigned companies and after intense cogitation, the wrangle takes place. This will help ZED out of his enigma while nourishing your critical thinking skills, and helping you acquire poise and oratory skills. Equip yourself with strong theories and convincing opinions, and get yourself ready for this redefining tug of war.

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