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Eggy has arrived to accompany ZED at Sphinx'19. He is ZED's closest friend and is extremely fond of adventure. ZED wants to surprise him by giving him a thrilling experience and charge him with ultimate excitement for the upcoming events. Hence he has plotted to organize an event named 'Egg-Suicide' where participating teams have to design an appealing compact structure using various objects acquired by them through auctioning. Challenge is to ensure safe landing of Eggy on that structure from a certain height. Hope you all give a safe and secure ride to Eggy.

BOMB Squad

ZED knows the importance of time. He wants people to know about how significant it is, like in diffusing a bomb. Thus, he is organising a nail biting contest for you. All you need for this event is to think and respond fast to the clues and puzzles, challenging your general knowledge and intellect. So get ready to be a part of this thrilling, fast paced and enthralling life experience. Get set to diffuse the bomb before the time’s up. .

The Fourth Estate

ZED is intrigued by crime enigmas. Deciphering them, makes him feel like Sherlock Holmes , using his exceptional investigative skills , deconstructing and reconstructing crime scenes, decoding concealed clues and finding the culprit. He has come across some new ones that have left him perplexed. Can you help him? Can you read between the lines, see more than meets the eye, and comprehend more than the cloaked reality?


Our friend ZED apparently thinks he is indomitable because he's got what it takes to decipher the most bewildering puzzles. So Sphinx'19 wants you to challenge ZED with the exciting Maze-o-Mania, a challenging puzzle, potent enough to put ZED's puzzling skills under fire. The slower ZED cracks the code, the faster you will be pacing towards the trophy. It's time to bring to life your inner maze-o-maniac and confront ZED with an unsolvable oblivion. Go ahead and register now!

Treasure Hunt

Someone has stolen ZED's most precious asset. He is too worried and depressed but he has one ray of hope left. The thief was a bit reckless and while conspiring against ZED, he has left behind some significant clues. ZED has thus organised 'Treasure Hunt’, where the participating teams will have to look for hidden mysteries, specific destinations of the institute and hunt for the secrets using the hints and puzzles to reach the treasure. The thief has designed certain tasks for the teams to bar them from reaching the treasure. So get your Jack Sparrow out and help ZED to get out of this bewildering situation as quick as possible.

Spell Bound

ZED is fond of honey. But the grungy bees are all set to put ZED at task. The bees will shoot the words and he’ll have to scatter them into letters. All the language lovers out there lend him a hand in this grand spellbound challenge. ZED has only one thing to say, “The journey is not smooth. Help me out in this rollercoaster of twists and turns!”

Photoshop Workshop

ZED, like any other millennial, is obsessed with photos and graphic designing. He enjoys expressing his artistic visions and aesthetic ideas through a digital outlet, that is, through his favourite graphic designing platform, PHOTOSHOP. To give other students a chance to truly understand graphic designing, he is organising a workshop covering everything there is to know about working in PHOTOSHOP. Grab this opportunity; chances like it don't come along often.

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