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ZED is allured by the current scenario of the computer world. He is tempted by the charisma of programming, how it can control all modern day equipments. So he designed a crossfire named Code-of-War to test the skills of participants in competitive programming, giving coding geeks an occasion to showcase their capabilities. ZED has decided to reward those whose dedication for coding impresses him the most; those who are able to amaze him through their finesse and sophistication.


“Throughout life, it is often important to be concise”, so says ZED. This is also true for coding, and ZED knows this. ZED challenges your concision. Do you rise to the challenge? Show up and prove ZEDright.


ZED is often perturbed by the length of codes. He feels that no solution is ultimate; there is always room for improvement. So ZED wants to create an algorithm which corrects itself. He is on a hunt for coders adept in machine learning, and wishes to transfigure the fields of artificial intelligence, computer vision and data mining. Can you figure it out? Come to Ex-Machina and write some processor-warping algorithms to help ZED achieve his goals.


ZED brags about his analytical and reasoning skills. In order to reaffirm his superiority, he has enrolled himself into a one-on-one coding challenge. So folks, if you've got the knack for programming and want to improve your programming skills and reputation, then you are at the right place. Get yourself enrolled and buckle up to dethrone ZED.

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